What people are saying about the new "2020" album

“These songs are so brilliant that I find myself waking up singing them! The positive affirmations get me ready to tackle the uncertainty of a new day with hope and strength. Debbie’s wild ride will carry you through all of life’s ups and downs as the music comforts your soul and helps you breathe in and out with a little more ease. There is also a beautiful magic within the authenticity and vulnerability of the lyrics that connect us all. While listening (or singing along!), you feel wrapped in Debbie’s love and inspired to move through the world with an extra dose of grace and courage in each step. Debbie and Bill’s love and commitment shine through in this album as an everlasting gift to the world.” 


"I am on my 4th listen of the album - when it finished, all I want to do is start again from the beginning. It is touching my heart so deeply. Here are a few thoughts that have been flowing around in heart and mind since my first listen-through yesterday. First of all I feel like this album rocks me. No,no,no not like rock 'n roll (though I do rock out to I Can Do It!). Like I'm being rocked. That's the prevailing feeling for so much of it, and boy is it a welcome feeling. Also, I've been thinking about how your first CD is really so deeply ingrained in me, and so the strength and power and "one Debbie voice + maybe a drum" is what I think of first when I think of you and song, and I love it so. And then with this one... what I am loving so much is that it has all that power and depth still, and then your voice(s) and the guitar - they soar, Debbie! You/the songs float up to this high-up lifted place but are still grounded in strength and depth. oooof it's a powerful combo. And so these songs which maybe have more of grief in them are still soaring and floating up in this higher light/lifted place, and so the song can carry it's depth while uplifting me at the same time, because of that quality of voice, melody, and music. I can feel it my heart, in the top of my head, and in my back body which just seems to open as I listen. And then the album will all of a sudden offer up "Love No Matter What" and it just pierces my heart."


"This CD is the best medicine right now!!  Ringing with hope and encouragement that we can make it through hard times, Debbie’s songs never fail to capture the message and wisdom needed at the moment.  She brings alive, through rhythm harmonies and layers, prayers for the world and our own lives.  These songs remind me that we can do it, that we are not alone, that life is beautiful and love will always see us through. This music is such a gift! I am so grateful for the music that comes through Debbie.  Something about the fullness of the sound of the recordings, makes it feel like Debbie is singing straight to me and surrounding me in love.  She fills the room and the car!!!  It’s amazing!

We are so lucky that Debbie knows how to listen and catch these songs.  Thank you for singing your service to the world!!"


"We are blessed to be sharing the planet with Debbie. Her prayers in the form of songs bring joy, comfort, depth and a light step into our lives. They transform what we might perceive as suffering into wisdom. We remember that we are held. It is so touching that Debbie and her husband Bill are birthing this gift at this time." 


"I felt a welcome home hug as I listened to Debbie's latest CD, 2020.  Her voice, guitar playing and background harmonies soared to new heights with state of the art mixing and recording by her husband, Bill. You can hear the labor of love in each and every song. She takes you through the Wild Ride of 2020. These Songs are filled with Debbie's glorious spirit as she brings us through the array of emotions we have all experienced. It is a blessing to be Together Again, surrounded by Debbie's heartwarming and uplifting voice.  She was Born for this Moment and I am so thankful that she is sharing it all with us!"


"Wow! It is a wild ride. What an intimate sharing and resonant expression of the personal, interpersonal, and universal song that we are singing right now! I’m amazed and inspired that you and Bill pulled off that majesty in the depths of the waves you’ve been riding. So many deeply moving and nourishing songs. What a gift!I bow to the power of love, life, and song. I bow to the might and tenderness in your hearts; to all that you have created here together, and all the skills and devotion that have been offered up in the name of beauty and Love. Thank you for shining through the darkness and showing me the way."


"A beautiful, heartfelt tribute to these times we are living in. Debbie's voice is full of love and soul, bringing messages of hope and tenderness. Easy to sing along with for those who love to sing!" 


"I came to one of Debbie's singing circle's in the midst of a deep personal crisis. My cells felt like they were literally vibrating so fast and my anxiety level was off the charts. A friend asked me to join her, and I said "yes" because I knew singing beautiful songs would be a balm for my soul. What I had no idea was that I would feel like a baby held in the arms of so many women singing gorgeous, life-affirming songs – loved and cradled.  It was truly a healing, transformational experience. I left with a smile on my lips and a smile in my heart. Thank you Debbie for your divine offering. It's so much more than merely music, it is truly a healing."


"I just love Debbie's CD and I have been listening to it almost every day - when I walk, when I drive or at home. Her album is inspirational and has meaning. I love the variety of styles - different ethnic styles, quiet and contemplative, songs that make you smile and dance. I love to sing along with her and create new harmonies. She and all the musicians involved did a fabulous job to bring these songs to life! Did I mention that I LOVE Debbie's CD??"


"I've been late to work 2 days in a row now, why you may ask?

Who wants to turn off the car when the sweetest sound of soul, and heart and love are beaming out the speakers.  I LOVE the new CD.

I love it because it is beautiful
I love it because it reminds me of what is important in life
I love it because it represents living and expressing our gifts

I love it because it is a symbol of your living prayer
I love it because I love the songs

I love it because your voice is soooo strong and captivating
I love it because it is so brave and good to put ourselves out there
I love it because I love the wellspring of joy soulful bluesy song
I love it because of the harmonies and how voices blend
I love it because it reminds me of what I love

Thank you for making it

Thank you for dancing every Thursday night
Thank you for making space to inspire others
Thank you for shining your light on the world

Thank you for being so full of love and integrity

Thank you for the gift of joy

Thank you for Claire for gifting me the CD

I wish I could make it to dance class

I wish you so many blessings

I am grateful
I am grateful

I am"

all my love

"You brought sounds up from the core of the earth and through me that I had never before had the ability to produce. They were the sweetest and purest sounds possible. It was a soulgasm. I still get goosebumps when I think of it. Magical."