"I came to one of Debbie's singing circle's in the midst of a deep personal crisis. My cells felt like they were literally vibrating so fast and my anxiety level was off the charts. A friend asked me to join her, and I said "yes" because I knew singing beautiful songs would be a balm for my soul. What I had no idea was that I would feel like a baby held in the arms of so many women singing gorgeous, life-affirming songs – loved and cradled.  It was truly a healing, transformational experience. I left with a smile on my lips and a smile in my heart. Thank you Debbie for your divine offering. It's so much more than merely music, it is truly a healing."


"I just love Debbie's CD and I have been listening to it almost every day - when I walk, when I drive or at home. Her album is inspirational and has meaning. I love the variety of styles - different ethnic styles, quiet and contemplative, songs that make you smile and dance. I love to sing along with her and create new harmonies. She and all the musicians involved did a fabulous job to bring these songs to life! Did I mention that I LOVE Debbie's CD??"


"I've been late to work 2 days in a row now, why you may ask?

Who wants to turn off the car when the sweetest sound of soul, and heart and love are beaming out the speakers.  I LOVE the new CD.

I love it because it is beautiful
I love it because it reminds me of what is important in life
I love it because it represents living and expressing our gifts

I love it because it is a symbol of your living prayer
I love it because I love the songs

I love it because your voice is soooo strong and captivating
I love it because it is so brave and good to put ourselves out there
I love it because I love the wellspring of joy soulful bluesy song
I love it because of the harmonies and how voices blend
I love it because it reminds me of what I love

Thank you for making it

Thank you for dancing every Thursday night
Thank you for making space to inspire others
Thank you for shining your light on the world

Thank you for being so full of love and integrity

Thank you for the gift of joy

Thank you for Claire for gifting me the CD

I wish I could make it to dance class

I wish you so many blessings

I am grateful
I am grateful

I am"

all my love

"You brought sounds up from the core of the earth and through me that I had never before had the ability to produce. They were the sweetest and purest sounds possible. It was a soulgasm. I still get goosebumps when I think of it. Magical."